Client FAQ

Does Ventas show me candidates from a pool?
Ventas does not intake candidates into a “ pool” or inventory to market to clients when the call in. We invest our time differently.  Instead we take the time to understand the needs of your firm, department and position as well as your firm’s culture and place in its vertical. Going past the written job description empowers us to pinpoint recruit candidates that who closely match the needs of the firm.

Will you show me the best candidates you are able to recruit, or will those be shown to larger clients?
Our primary objective in recruiting is to fill your position. We pinpoint recruit for you.  We will not hold you hostage by concurrently presenting a candidate and pressuring you to make an offer.  Ventas is interested in making a placement that is mutually beneficial to you the client, and the candidate- not making a quick placement.

Can you recruit for my difficult to fill roles.
Most recruiting shops prioritize their work, leaving difficult to fill roles for later- which may be never. If it does not fit their inventory, you are out of luck. This results in you calling every shop in town, which makes the market thing you are desperate, which makes recruiters and candidates skeptical, which makes you desperate, which makes you settle, which causes failure.  We commit to filling your positions – we will work a traditional role or the esoteric

Does Ventas meet the candidates during the screening process?
Many firms are merely “paper hangers”, sending you a resume and not bothering to do an in-depth interview.  Ventas gets beyond the resume. We conduct at least one in-person interview whenever possible.  When conducting national searches or searches for positions in multiple cities, we may elect to conduct in-depth telephone or skype interviews.

Do the candidates know you are representing them to our firm?
All candidates have been given a position and culture overview and believe there is a mutual fit and are ready for an in-depth discussion with you.  We don’t try to sell you on a candidate that looks good on paper, only to have to scramble later to pressure them into an unwanted interview.

Does Ventas conduct confidential searches?
If you have a delicate situation, we are well equipped use a tactful approach to conduct a confidential search to allow the smoothest transition possible.

How many candidates will you present to our firm?
Ventas wants to be selective in who we send to you as a candidate.  It is disrespectful to have you and the candidate to invest time interviewing candidates that do not fit your role or culture.  Our goal is to ferret out partial fits to provide you the best value.

How do I make the offer to my finalist?
You can decide how to make the offer.  Ventas is competent and skilled at guiding the desired candidate to an acceptance, as we counsel them on how to fend of the counter-offer, during the resignation and transition period.  Top shelf candidates are often presented counter-offers and Ventas coaches candidates on this matter prior to the offer presentation and after.

Can I check references on my own?
We encourage you to participate in a reference checking process at the appropriate time in the process. This ensures the questions you need asked are done in a manner consistent with your Human Resource standards. We would collaborate with you on the timing of references in the recruiting process.

How do we engage Ventas in a search?
We like to meet with the hiring manager and your Human Resources Professional  and set the stage for a successful search.  Busy?  Even a better reason to meet; this will result in better candidate selection and fewer interviews for you.

What is your guarantee period?
Our standard policy is a guarantee period is a 90 day prorated with credit toward the same position refill, and can be adjusted along with fees, either direction depending on your needs as a client.

Do you require a contract?
No. We believe that our relationship with a client is one of collaboration and partnership, steeped in building an element of trust.  That being said, Ventas will utilize a contract. We can offer our own, or utilize a contract provided by your purchasing or legal department.  We promise quick turn around on contract revisions and will not hold up a search with lengthy delays for contract review.

How much is the placement fee?
In most cases you will find our fees are below market.  Ventas Group provides personalized services to clients with fees based on the placed candidate’s compensation.  The overall fee charged is based on payment terms, guarantee period, and weather you choose to use Ventas on a non-exclusive or exclusive basis.  We do realize there may be a situation where you are not able to use us exclusively, don’t worry, we still offer competitive fees.

When do we have to pay?
Our Invoices are due upon receipt and sent upon placement.  If you have special needs, we can work with you ahead of time to make a suitable arrangement in advance.