Candidate FAQ

Will you try to “Low Ball” me because there is a fee?
We understand that you want to be paid fairly for the value you bring.  Many factors play in to the salary for individual positions.  We want you to be paid on the “high side of fair.”  Ventas is passionate about making the right fit.  No salary is right, if the culture, career and skill set fit wrong.  We will never ask you to take a job that is a poor fit for you.  In most cases, Ventas is working the role on an exclusive basis – we will fit the right candidate to the job, not any candidate.

Are we calling you about a real client or a real job?
Ventas recruits for specific roles. Other firms waste your time by having you meet them to place you into an “inventory pool,” where you struggle to get noticed. We are recruiting you for a specific need with a legitimate client.

Will you “mine” my references for job leads?
Ventas will forward your references to the client at the appropriate time and collaborate with you in this process. Other firms may pursue you primarily to sell you on being a client or harvesting your references for new clients or pool candidates.

If I am active in the market, do you need to know where else you have applied or where I am interviewing.
No, many of the jobs we work are exclusive, or is a confidential search. In the case where we are not working the role exclusively, we will need to know enough to make sure you have not been a candidate at our client in the recent past. Other firms may try to Source leads from you, be careful of this ploy!!

Will you pressure me into taking an offer if I don’t like the role?
Great placements are what Ventas strives for – not quick fees. Our goal is to have a long term relationship with our clients – and you. During the interview process, we want you to be certain about your fit with the attributes of the role and culture; those are key elements that we will discover together. Our preference is to acknowledge if a role is, or is not a fit for you, early in the process, not at offer stage – we respect both your needs and your time.

I do not want to jeopardize my current employment, will I lose control of my resume and who sees it.
Ventas only shows your resume to the client for which we approached you. We do not use your resume as a tool to attempt to open doors at other firms. It is a small world; we would not risk leaking your desire to make a career change by showing it to others in the industry. Our submittal only goes to those executives and decision makers that are key to the hiring process.

Who will be representing me to your clients?
Your career is on the line, and we know that. All the recruiters and relationship managers are experienced in the field. We do not risk using interns, new grads, or entry level people when your future is on the line.

Are there representation fees?
Ventas does not charge fees for placing you at one of its clients. Through our interview process with you, we may suggest you work with specialists, such as personal shoppers, image consultants, resume writers or interview coaches to refine your presentation. These resources are independent of Ventas and we do not ask you to pay for these referrals.

Do you force me go on multiple interviews?
Since we pinpoint recruit for clients, we will not have multiple roles of the same culture and skill set requirements. We strive to understand your career goals as a professional. We will not send you on a parade of job interviews that do not meet your expectations and needs.

Are multiple agencies working on the jobs you recruit for?
We shy away from trying to win a horse race. This is for inventory recruiting shops that throw the most available, or desparate candidates at clients, attempting to be the “first” to represent the active pool of candidates. This stampede of anxious job seekers will generally not result in “close fit” candidates.

Are you working with this employer exclusively?
We encourage clients to work with us exclusively. We encourage a mutually beneficial partnership. This gives us the incentive to invest large amounts of time to carefully source close fitting candidates. Ventas will provide financial incentives to clients to work with us exclusively and build a relationship of trust. We thrive in a relationship where we are depended on to fill the client’s crucial positions.