Winning Formula



Get your search across the finish line

Commit to Listen
Salespeople Talk – we would rather listen; we want to hear about your needs, your vision for the department or firm, what makes your firm unique.  We want to hear your concerns and what is important for you in the search.  Ventas will develop an understanding of your competitive landscape and establishing the compelling reasons for passive talent to join your firm.

Nurture Relationships
Serving you and making your firm successful through filling your roles is important to us. Collaborating and communicating as dedicated partners in the search process is key to our mutual success.  We are your partner, and will give you feedback throughout the recruiting process. Our priorities are different than the big box recruiters – Your long term satisfaction is more important to us than our fee.

Deliver qualified and culturally fit candidates to the prosperity employers
This is a hyper competitive world, you need a hand-picked candidate, not the first available or most eager candidate.  Fast fills often mean fast trouble. We Pinpoint recruit. The right cultural fit is as important as the right technical skills or industry experience.  Finding a candidate with the right motives and drive; a candidate that is seeking meaningful change, rather than any change is how we fit candidates to prospective employers.